Echo : an opera in three acts

3 sopranos/actresses, 1 alto/actor, string quartet, tenor saxophone, percussionist

ECHO is an adaptation into opera of Ovid’s Narcissus and Echo myth composed by Patrick McGee and written by Sara Kongkatong and Aidan Newell. The first act consists of children experiencing omens and premonitions while playing innocent games in a Civil War America culminating in a thunderstorm. The second act centers on two American spies during the cold war who, having escaped an Orwellian conception of time, find themselves meandering around a Parisian carnival. Through time travel from the Civil War to the Cold War the opera confronts the inherent dissonance in experiencing reality. Individual understanding is obscured by the complexities and contradictions of “quotidian” life-- issues of control and ideas of innocence and the collective-unconscious bring about a tragic end. A myth which allegorizes the disillusionment in human relations is symbolically represented.